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December 18, 2023
Amazon adds Games Workshop to list of intellectual properties

Games Workshop, the miniature painting franchise from the UK, has struck a deal with streaming titan Amazon.

The deal allows Amazon to access the cannon and decades of content Games Workshop has in its many wargaming libraries.

Amazon in the 40k Universe

The Financial Times reports that “the agreement is a ‘game changer’ for Games Workshop,” according to analysts at investment bank Peel Hunt. “It has taken a fair bit of time to go through the legal process and was not helped by the writers’ and authors’ strikes.”

Amazon will have exclusive rights to developing TV shows and other media within the Games Workshop universe. The most notable one is the 40K or 40,000 millennium of mankind.

Pitting dauntless Space Marines against the horrors of the galaxy as they try to keep humanity safe from invasion and annihilation.

What is Warhammer?

Warhammer is a much-beloved fantasy setting that originated from a flat in London in 1975. A humble mail-ordering service that grew to be a UK staple of pre-pubescent teens with a penchant for painting goblins and Orks. The company has many intellectual properties (IPs) set in medieval fantasy and futuristic space settings.

The company, Games Workshop, is a world-leading tabletop gaming provider that is now sold in 7,000 stores worldwide.

”Games Workshop and Amazon will work together for 12 months to agree creative guidelines for the films and television series” the Financial Times concludes.

Amazon’s record-breaking year

Amazon reported that the company has broken previously set holiday sales records this year.

The delivery powerhouse recorded the new bar was set during the 11-day holiday shopping period from Nov. 17 to Cyber Monday.

Amazon also became the largest delivery service in the United States this year. It surpassed rivals such as FedEx and UPS for the volume of packages delivered.

In 2023, the company announced an investment in electric delivery vehicles to reduce the carbon footprint of its delivery service.

Image Credit: Games Workshop Press Room

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