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March 11, 2024
Airbnb bans indoor security cameras to enhance renter privacy


Airbnb has announced a comprehensive policy update that effectively bans the use of indoor security cameras by hosts within their rental properties, according to a recent report by The Verge. This policy change, effective April 30, represents a major update in the company’s approach to enhancing privacy and trust among its worldwide customers.

In a departure from its previous policy, which allowed for security cameras in non-private areas of a rental, such as living rooms and hallways, provided they were disclosed and visible, Airbnb has now opted to ban these devices entirely within the indoor premises. This decision addresses the discomfort and privacy concerns raised by guests who have encountered hidden surveillance equipment in their accommodations.

To complement the indoor camera ban, Airbnb is also tightening regulations around the use of outdoor surveillance cameras. Hosts must now inform guests about the presence and precise location of any outdoor cameras at the time of booking. The policy specifically prohibits the placement of cameras in secluded outdoor areas, including places like outdoor showers, to ensure guest privacy.

An additional policy update mandates the listing of noise decibel monitors, used by hosts to detect loud noises indicative of parties — a violation of Airbnb’s rules since 2022. This transparency is part of Airbnb’s effort to maintain a respectful environment for both hosts and guests.

Juniper Downs, Airbnb’s lead for community policy and partnership, highlighted the collaborative process behind these updates. “These changes were made in consultation with our guests, hosts, and privacy experts, and we’ll continue to seek feedback to help ensure our policies work for our global community,” Downs stated.

Airbnb has set a deadline for hosts to comply with these new requirements by removing all indoor cameras from their listings. The company has vowed to take action against any listings reported to have indoor cameras after the April deadline, which could include removal from the platform.

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