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November 14, 2023
Airbnb acquires AI startup Gameplanner.AI

Airbnb’s purchase of Gameplanner.AI is a strategic move to enhance its services with advanced AI. Leveraging Adam Cheyer’s expertise and Brian Chesky’s vision, Airbnb aims to revolutionize travel by combining human creativity with AI efficiency, as per a recent CNBC report.

The stealthy rise of Gameplanner.AI

Founded in 2020, Gameplanner.AI has operated in “stealth mode,” a common practice among startups to protect intellectual property or minimize distractions. This acquisition is set to bolster Airbnb’s AI projects significantly.

Gameplanner.AI’s co-founder, Adam Cheyer, is a notable figure in the tech industry. Cheyer, one of the original founders of Siri, played a crucial role in its development and subsequent acquisition by Apple, where he worked closely with Steve Jobs. His expertise didn’t stop there; he later co-founded Viv Labs, which laid the groundwork for Samsung’s voice assistant.

Airbnb’s vision with AI

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky envisions a transformative role for generative AI in the platform. He aims to use AI as a “travel concierge,” learning about users over time to enhance their travel experiences. This could include matching users with suitable rooms or homes, tailoring the platform to individual preferences and needs.

This acquisition is Airbnb’s first since 2019 and signals a potential shift in Chesky’s M&A strategy. It could spark interest on Wall Street, especially considering Airbnb’s financial health. The company is profitable on a GAAP basis and had $11 billion in cash and liquid assets as of the end of September.

The broader AI landscape

This move by Airbnb comes amid a flurry of AI-related activities in the tech world. Google is reportedly in talks to invest heavily in another AI startup, Character.AI. This startup, which recently raised $150 million at a $1 billion valuation, allows users to interact with AI versions of famous personalities.

Airbnb’s Gameplanner.AI acquisition marks a strategic move to infuse AI into its offerings. With Adam Cheyer’s know-how and Brian Chesky’s foresight, Airbnb is set to transform travel, merging human ingenuity with AI’s efficiency. As the tech world continues to evolve, such acquisitions underscore the growing importance of AI in shaping future business strategies.

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