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October 16, 2023
AI is Taking Away Human Jobs? 1000+ Companies are Urgently Hiring Prompt Engineers

Is AI Going to Benefit HR in the Future? Definitely yes. Undoubtedly, AI prompt engineering has transformed how the world used to function a few years back. Creating texts, images, videos, medical reports, product categorization, monitoring crops, reaching out to prospects, communicating with customers, collecting data, analyzing data, serving restaurant guests, etc. The topic ‘AI has jeopardized human jobs’ has been doing the rounds for quite some time. Especially the moments after ChatGTP prompt engineering gained momentum and occupied a diamond slot during every boardroom meeting.

Is AI Prompt Engineering going to be the future of work? The answer is yes!

Leave alone content and media houses; every industry, sector owner, and professional has been shaken and startled. True to its nature, there is no smoke without fire. Let’s analyze the impact of prompts, data engineering, artificial intelligence, and machine learning with the help of news from credible sources.

Hollywood Strikes: Netflix’s AI Job Listing Sparks Outrage News
There have been speculations about job losses and news that showcased how AI endangered human jobs. More than 4,000 professionals in the technology industry lost their jobs due to the utilization of AI read – Jobs in Tech.
Almost all of Hollywood is on strike due to the adverse effects of AI on professionals working in production and making movies. It is not only replacing humans but also degrading the quality of output. Read Al Jazeera NEWS.

The above news pieces are scary, alarming, and much more worthy than a round-table discussion. However, the best part about innovation and technology is that it has many benefits for humankind. If you are worried about becoming jobless in the coming days due to AI, we have good news for you!

The Good News is Advent of Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineers are being searched for in full throttle, as AI solutions providers rely on ‘prompts’ to build foolproof AI models. If you are an expert at creating purposeful prompts, you grab one of the highest-paying jobs in AI. As experts at crafting meaningful prompts, you will be instrumental in preparing AI solutions, enabling these models to provide accurate, error-free, unbiased, and contextually relevant answers.

A Career in Prompt Engineering

If you are one of those prudent professionals ready to ride the hottest wave of AI, you are almost ready for a flourishing career as a prompt engineer. The best part about prompt engineering is that it’s a relatively new career option. No matter which profession you are in at present, you can learn and switch careers. And if you are remotely related to AI, then this would undoubtedly be the best career move towards progression.

Requisite for Promt Engineer in a Nutshell:

Linguistic skills along with industry expertise are required for understanding industry-specific words and nuances
The ability to patiently refine and fine-tune prompts in an iterative process is crucial
Being unbiased and ethically correct prevents harmful and discriminatory outputs
Ability to learn, adapt, and apply as this is an evolving field
The ability to amicably engage and collab with data scientists, linguists, and SMEs is a must

Cloud Factory
Cogito Tech
Open AI
DataRobot Knowledge of AI tools that deal with prompts plays a prominent role

Wrapping it Up

The fact of the matter is that technological innovations have constantly disrupted the job market. There was a time when man used to conduct mathematical calculations using the abacus. Then came the calculator, which one can calculate within seconds. Remember, when connecting with people was a costly affair involving uncertain times.

Today, we are all connected to people worldwide, and it takes only a few clicks. You cannot blame AI as a technology to be responsible for your job loss. You should learn the newest set of skills required to be a prompt engineer and grab your new engagement as soon as possible. People with a laid-back attitude will not fail to realize the importance of riding with the tide to remain afloat.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by ThisIsEngineering; Pexels; Thank you!

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