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January 23, 2024
Aerosoft’s Airbus A330 delayed and will now arrive with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

At the end of 2023, we brought you the latest news on Microsoft Flight Sim 2024 which should be landing later this year and has got the flight sim community very excited.

Prominent sim aircraft publisher Aerosoft, who have been making addons since the early 1990s, did originally have an incredibly detailed version of the Airbus A330 due to arrive for the current iteration of Flight Simulator but have just announced that it is being pushed back (okay enough of the airport puns) to tie in more with the launch of Flight Simulator 2024, although there will still be a version released for the current version as well.

Aerosoft CEO Winfried Diekmann said in a press release, “The development time that we gain enables us to implement the highest standards and increase the feature set. For example, we are planning to offer several engine options, which were neither envisaged nor realizable in the previous project planning.”

Meanwhile, a developer update on the A330 site stated, “Following a thorough evaluation of the project, we have decided to shift the development and release of the A330 around the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. This will allow us to greatly expand the focus of the project – including multiple engine options. Additionally, we are planning to release both the CEO and NEO variants of the A330 simultaneously.”

Simmers have been waiting for the Airbus A330 for a few years now, with development starting back in 2021, and the risk for Aerosoft is that they will go to some of the other A330 options already on the market for their virtual flying.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is set to be a groundbreaking release for the sim when it arrives later this year. Flight simulation has often pushed the boundaries of what a home PC or console is capable of, but with the increase in the power of hardware in recent years, the 2024 iteration could be as close to the real thing as we have yet had.

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