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November 3, 2023
Adriano Espeschit, President of Brazil Potash, Joins Panel on Strategic Minerals at Exposibram 2023

Source: Brazil Potash

On August 30th, Adriano Espeschit, the President of Potássio do Brasil, a subsidiary of Brazil Potash, joined a panel discussion from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at the Expo & Brazilian Congress of Mining, commonly known as Exposibram. The event is taking place from August 28th to 31st at the Hangar Centro de Convenções & Feiras da Amazônia, in Belém, Pará, and is organized by the Brazilian Institute of Mining (IBRAM).

Regarded as one of Latin America’s premier mining gatherings, Exposibram aims to foster dialogue between the mining industry and broader society, focusing especially on sustainability issues. The event attracts a diverse audience including mining firms, suppliers, academic institutions, business delegations, government bodies, and entities associated with the public sector. Together, they explore the future outlook of the global mineral industry.

Topics for the lectures and discussions at Exposibram are chosen with a view to the global political and socio-economic landscape. Panels cover various aspects like business perspectives in the mineral sector, technological innovations, diversity and inclusion, social responsibility, environmental concerns, and investment trends.

This year, the conference agenda also included a speech by Espeschit during a panel titled “Public Policies for Strategic Minerals in Brazil.” The company Potássio do Brasil, which Espeschit represents, also maintains a booth at the event. Here, attendees can get acquainted with the Autazes Potash Project, an initiative planned for implementation in the municipality of Autazes in the state of Amazonas.

Brazil Potash and its subsidiary were highlighted on the opening day of Exposibram 2023. The exhibition hall, which features some of Brazil’s largest mining companies, was inaugurated by Helder Barbalho, the governor of the host city, and Raul Jungmann, the CEO of IBRAM. Davidson Aquino, the Finance and Administration Director of Potássio do Brasil, stood in for Espeschit during the opening ceremonies where discussions revolved around current scenarios and future trends in the mineral sector.

The Autazes Potash Project, showcased at the company’s stand, aims to produce potassium chloride fertilizer in Autazes, employing methods that align with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. This marks the second consecutive year that Potássio do Brasil has participated in Exposibram, reinforcing the company’s commitment to fostering socioeconomic development in Amazonas through sustainable and technologically advanced initiatives.



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