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October 11, 2023
Adobe unveils AI-driven Project ResUp for video upscaling

Later today, at the “Sneak” Adobe Max event, Adobe will introduce its latest innovation, Project ResUp. According to The Verge, this AI-driven tool is capable of upscaling low-resolution videos, enhancing their quality and clarity.

Enhancing video quality with AI

Project ResUp, still in its preview stage, uses artificial intelligence to upscale videos, making them sharper and clearer. The technology aims to transform low-quality footage into high-definition content, a game-changer for video editors and content creators.

Adobe is expected to demonstrate the tool’s capabilities during the event, showcasing its potential in enhancing older, grainy videos. The Verge, having had an early look at the tool, reported significant improvements in the clarity and detail of upscaled videos.

Pro Res-Up enhances the image quality of 1947’s The Red House. Source: United Artists; Adobe; The Verge

The anticipated announcement of Adobe’s Project ResUp is yet another glimpse at the future of the tech industry — and at the company’s intention to leverage AI in its suite of tools. As video content continues to dominate online platforms, the demand for high-quality visuals has never been greater. Adobe’s new tool could be a boon for creators looking to revitalize older content or enhance current projects.

While Project ResUp is still in the pre-launch phase, its potential impact on the video editing industry is exciting. As major industry players continue innovating with AI, tools like this highlight the expanding possibilities of technology on the horizon.

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