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Accounting giant Deloitte seeking specialists for crypto investigations


Deloitte is seeking specialist staff to assist the firm in its efforts to combat financial crime relating to cryptocurrency.

The consultancy firm, the biggest in the world by revenue and workforce, is considered to be one of the ‘Big Four’ accountants, alongside PwC, EY, and KPMG. They all maintain a global presence complementing their traditional financial analysis with further professional services including auditing, consulting, and tax advice.

Ads placed recently on LinkedIn show vacancies available at Deloitte for Cryptocurrency Investigators and Senior Cyber Crypto Analysts, based in Washington, DC, and Virginia, respectively.

In line with the rise of crypto as an alternative digital currency, the firm provides solutions for understanding and utilizing the platform as well as working to identify threats posed by financial crime.

What are the requirements for the crypto investigator roles at Deloitte?

The sensitive nature of the crypto investigator job role is underlined by the requirement to have ‘secret clearance’.

This level of authorization would grant access for individuals to operate with information and data classified by the US government, not available to the general public.

Requisite skills for the role include familiarity with Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and dark web research, as well as a working knowledge of crypto, digital assets, and the Bank Secrecy Act. Candidates will operate in financial crime investigations with a particular emphasis on cryptocurrency fraud, in partnership with the relevant law enforcement authorities.

What about the senior crypto analyst position?

The investigator role overlaps with the Senior Cyber Crypto Analyst opportunity but it commands an enhanced level of security clearance.

Active Top Secret security clearance is required here, given the need to work with Top Secret information, in addition to the experience of collaborating with government agencies on financial investigations. Candidates will also be asked to provide evidence of working with crypto analysis tools.

Image credit: David McBee/Pexels.

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