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December 19, 2023
Access to The Day Before on Steam being shilled for $200 by account sellers

After the car crash that was The Day Before’s launch (we covered this last week – if you are behind then the TLDR is; game shows trailer, everybody gasps about how amazing it is, game disappears for years, has a copyright dispute, game reappears from nowhere with a release date of about an hour in the future, game launches, game is one of the worst games of all time, studio closes down and pulls game from Steam – we think that is about it. Or at least we thought it was.

After last week’s promise of refunds for everybody and the removal of the game from sale, the devs did say they would leave the servers up for now, so the upshot is that a few people are playing it still, presumably for the meme value. PCGamesN reports the game currently has over 200 people playing it as of earlier today. Granted that is down over 99% since launch, but still.

Never one to miss an opportunity, somewhat unbelievably some people are selling their Steam accounts, pre-loaded with The Day Before purchase for up to $200. If ever there was a place for the rolling-eyes emoji it’s here.

No me puedo creer que estén vendiendo claves de The Day Before a 200€ cada una. Están ESPECULANDO con una estafa que ya no se puede comprar en Steam porque hay más subnormales como yo que quieren probar cómo de malo es este juego.

Nunca me había sentido tan acompañado

— Garrus (@SrGarrus) December 18, 2023

The game’s servers are likely to disappear at any moment unless – and rule nothing out with this story – it was all a dream. 

Even if the keys are real, which they may not even be, it is difficult to understand why somebody would want to spend five times the amount of the original RRP on having access to it now if they were not bothered in the first place. Of course, that’s not to say anybody will spend that amount and it’s not just something that makes the strangest, and perhaps one of the saddest gaming stories of the year, that bit sadder.

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