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October 19, 2023
35 ChatGPT Prompts to Help with Marketing Your Startup

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, startups need more than just a good product; they need out-of-the-box marketing strategies. But how can artificial intelligence reshape how startups market themselves, especially tools like ChatGPT?

How can ChatGPT transform your startup’s marketing strategy?

What are the unique marketing advantages offered by AI-driven prompts?

Are you using ChatGPT to its full potential?

The following ChatGPT prompts will provide you with many ideas on utilizing ChatGPT in your marketing campaign.

But first… What I am NOT using ChatGPT for:

Writing content from scratch (I want my content to rely on my or my team’s unique expertise and experience with the niche and audience I am targeting)
Keyword research (I use specialized keyword research for that).

With this in mind, let’s see how to use ChatGPT to make your marketing campaign more creative and productive (yes, both).

Train ChatGPT to Fit Your Business Better

ChatGPT follows instructions in your prompt very well, but its responses can be very generic unless you write very long prompts or provide more instructions within the same thread.

There are two ways to train ChatGPT to provide better and more personalized responses that align with your goals, occupation, or business:

1. Provide “Custom Instructions” (Premium Only)

Custom instructions force ChatGPT to align its responses to your goals, business, or backgrounds. Custom instructions are currently only available to paying users.

How to add custom ChatGPT instructions

You can provide your instructions:

Type information about your business and product. Describe your product selling points and use cases, and mention how it is different from alternative products and how it should be positioned in relevant content. Include your target keyword here.
Describe the style and tone of responses (professional, academic, casual, neutral, opinionated, etc.). Mention what every article should include, etc.

Once saved, custom instructions will be used by ChatGPT as soon as you create a new thread. Any time you edit your custom instructions, you need to create a new ChatGPT thread for them to work. You don’t need to ask ChatGPT to use your custom instructions. They will be taken into account for every response by default.

2. Create a Dedicated Chat Thread With Your Product or Business Details

If you haven’t upgraded your ChatGPT account, you can still train it by keeping a dedicated chat session with your startup or product details. Note that ChatGPT claims to be unable to reference information between different threads, so keep your conversations within a single thread:

ChatGPT does have the “Chat history” setting, which is claimed to be used to train it. It is set to “On” by default:

You can bookmark that specific chat you use for training your ChatGPT. To get a direct link to any chat,

Click (or tap) the “Share” option
Click the green button that says “Copy link”, open a new browser tab using that link, and bookmark it.

How to share a link to a ChatGPT thread

Now that ChatGPT knows more about your startup and products, it is time to use it for various marketing tasks.

ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media

This is my article “TEXT”. Generate 10 tweets, 1 detailed Facebook post, and one detailed LinkedIn update for me to promote this article on social media. Add relevant hashtags and emojis.
This is my article “TEXT”. Create an engaging tweet that would add value to my content, as I’d like to embed this tweet into my content as an introduction.
My article is about “ARTICLE TITLE”. I am going to promote it on Instagram. Create an engaging photo caption for my followers to want to go read my article.
Create 10 tweets to announce my product launch on Twitter. For each tweet, put my product in a new context each time by describing different features and/or use cases.
Generate 10 tweets to thank my customers for positive mentions on Twitter. Make them short but unique.
I need to train my social media team to respond to unhappy customers. Generate social media messages that show empathy and move the conversation away from the public feeds.
Create a Twitter thread discussing “PROBLEM” and softly suggesting my product as a solution.
Generate ideas for Facebook “Happy Holidays” posts that would softly promote my product by putting it in a festive context.
This is a case study/testimonial from my customer “CASE STUDY/TESTIMONIAL”. Turn into tweets, Facebook+Linkedin posts, and Instagram captions for me to repurpose it on social media.
Create social-media-friendly calls-to-action that would promote my product without sounding too promotional/salesy.

ChatGPT Prompts for Video Marketing

My video is about “VIDEO TITLE AND TOPIC.” Generate a video description for me to upload to YouTube. Add relevant CTAs for video viewers to want to go to my site.
This is my article “TEXT”. Create a video/podcast script for me to repackage it into a video.
Here’s my video script, “SCRIPT.” Please come up with a video title and description for me to upload to YouTube.
Generate a series of video episodes targeting “KEYWORD” so that each video could discuss a different angle of the problem and build anticipation for the next episode.
I am interviewing an expert on “TOPIC.” Which questions should I ask to make a conversation interesting and engaging?

ChatGPT Prompts for PPC

I suggest using all these prompts within the same thread so you can build up more data and ideas based on your initial keyword list.

Group my keywords “KEYWORD LIST” by meaning and search intent so that I can set up multiple PPC campaigns. Use the table format. Keep the search volume for each keyword in a separate column and estimate the minimum monthly budget for each campaign based on the search volume.
Add a persona I should target with each PPC campaign in the table above.
Using the table above, create an ad copy for each campaign.
I am going to extend this campaign to Facebook using its remarketing feature. For each campaign, generate a Facebook ad copy that would effectively re-target people who visited my site.
For Campaign #4 above, come up with Facebook targeting settings for me to target this persona using Facebook ads.
I am building a landing page targeting Campain #4 in the table above. Use power words, headlines, and CTAs to engage these personas effectively.

ChatGPT Prompts for Content Brainstorming

My target keyword is “KEYWORD”. Generate content ideas to target people not searching for that keyword (e.g., they don’t know about this concept yet) but may still be interested in my product. Exclude “KEYWORD” from your idea list.
Generate content ideas that would appeal to bloggers and journalists. Which surveys, reports, or whitepapers should I create to generate links from publishers?
This is my article “TEXT”. Generate takeaways and key points for me to include in my article to make it more valuable and helpful.
This is my article “TEXT”. Generate a better, more engaging title and create better subheadings to encourage more people to read deeper.
This is my article “TEXT”. What is it missing? What should I add to make it better?
This is my article. Create a FAQ section for me to include at the end of the article. Use FAQ Schema for me to earn FAQPage rich snippets in Google.

Tip: Text Optimizer has a handy AI integration that allows you to generate semantically optimized answers to any questions. This is a great tool if you are working on a standalone Knowledge Base on your site.

Text Optimizer provides AI-driven copy that uses relevant semantic terms for better optimization.

You can also use ChatGPT for more effective content repackaging (seosmarty dot com, 25 actionable ideas), so don’t forget to use it when refreshing and recycling your old content to generate more traffic and shares.

ChatGPT Prompts for Conversion Optimization

This is a case study/testimonial from my customer “CASE STUDY/TESTIMONIAL.” Generate takeaways that would summarize how my customer benefited from my product.
This is my landing page content, “CONTENT.” How can I improve my copy and headings to make it a better-converting page?
Help me write a cart abandonment email to generate more sales from those customers who left their shopping carts without completing a purchase. Add a few email subject variants for me to choose from.

ChatGPT Prompts for Branding

Generate a short but catchy slogan for my brand to put my product into a memorable context.
Generate ideas on who I should seek partnerships with for co-marketing opportunities.
Here’s my current “About” page. Make it better by highlighting our experience, achievements, and value proposition.
How should I position my product to highlight its unique selling points better and create a strong connection with my brand name?
I am setting up a domain name and need some catchy brand name ideas to create strong niche associations. People should be able to guess what my business is doing when looking at my name.

Tip: Namify has an AI integration that helps you find catchy brand names, suggest available domain names, and even check your name for social media availability:

Namify is a free tool that uses AI to help you brainstorm a brand name. It also checks your name availability on social media

ChatGPT Prompts for Customer Support

My keywords are “KEYWORD LIST”. Create customer personas based on this list for my customer support team to be able to relate to them and understand their needs and problems they may be facing.
Write an email thanking my customers for a recent purchase and giving them a discount for further purchases.
I am training my customer support team. Design difficult situations for me to quiz them (and provide the best way for those situations to be solved).
Generate some ideas to re-engage my inactive customers (those that didn’t buy anything in 6 months). For every tactic, where applicable, craft an email, a social media update, or a message that would work.
I am setting up the chatbot workflow to train it to help my customers better. Which possible questions should I include in the workflow?

Tip: If you are using more AI-driven customer support solutions like IVR or IVA, you can also use ChatGPT to train those.


The 30 prompts above are just the tip of the iceberg, offering a glimpse into a world where brands and customers communicate seamlessly, bridging gaps in real-time. As you integrate these prompts into your startup’s marketing strategy, remember that the real magic lies in authentic interaction and understanding your audience.

Overall, ChatGPT, with its dynamic capabilities, helps you achieve your marketing goals by prioritizing creative SEO and social media strategies that require unique expertise and creativity. ChatGPT can handle everything else! Embrace the future, and let your startup shine!

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Matheus Bertelli; Pexels; Thank you!

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