Best bets at the movies this weekend
December 24, 2015

Daniel Loria,, and Alicia Malone, Fandango correspondent, weigh in on alternatives to “Star Wars” at the box office this holiday season.
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Bricks to clicks… rise of online shopping

Tamara Gaffney, Adobe Digital Index, provides the stats on mobile buying as online sales growth continues to outpace brick and mortar shopping.
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Meet a manservant
December 23, 2015

ManServants has been called San Francisco’s weirdest startup, but it has expanded to three cities. What is a ManServant? Jane Wells hired one to find out.
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Last-minute tech gifts

Popular last-minute holidays gifts for tech geeks, plus some safety caveats.
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Helping small businesses get loans

Stephen Sheinbaum, BizFi founder, discusses alternative lending for small business loans.
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What's ailing retailers?

Jan Kniffen, J. Rogers Kniffen Worldwide Enterprises CEO, weighs in on the pulse of retail and how warm weather and e-commerce are impacting the sector.
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Top-selling gift cards in 2015

CNBC’s Mary Thompson takes a look at this year’s most popular gift cards.
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Revving up auto sales next year
December 22, 2015

Paul Ingrassia, Reuters managing editor, shares his outlook on the car industry in 2016, and weighs in on the fallout from Volkswagen’s emission scandal and sales in China.
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Slowdown ahead for auto sector?

CNBC’s Phil LeBeau tells viewers what they need to know about the auto industry next year, including new technology and expected sales.
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Market takes bite out of Apple stock

Steven Milunovich, UBS analyst, shares his thoughts on Apple’s outlook as concerns grow that iPhone shipments could fall next year.
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