ECB moves markets
March 11, 2016

David Blitzer, S&P 500 Index Committee, and John Ryding, RDQ Economics, weigh in on Mario Draghi’s policy announcement and its impact on markets.
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US already in trade war with China

Gordon Chang, Forbes columnist, share perspective on Donald Trump’s trade plans and weighs in on whether the U.S. is losing the trade wars.
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How Legion M plans to kickstart movie biz

Jeff Annison, Legion M co-founder, and Paul Scanlon, Legion M co-founder, discuss how the crowdfunding startup hopes to shakeup Tinsel Town.
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Can DOJ force Apple to unlock iPhone?

It looks like both sides have dug in their heels now, says former CIA Director James Woolsey, discussing Apple’s federal case with the Department of Justice.
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The Honest Company questioned

The Honest Company is being called out by the Wall Street Journal for allegedly using harsh chemicals in its laundry detergent, and Wounded Warriors executives are fired amid controversy. The “Squawk Box” news crew discusses.
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Build your own tiny house for $7k
March 10, 2016

Lumber 84 is selling a line of four tiny house models smaller than 200 square feet for the masses.
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Donald Trump: I am a free trader

Donald Trump, GOP presidential candidate, says to be a good “free trader” you have to have “smart people” on your side. We are being out-negotiated at every corner, says Trump.
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Donald Trump: Massive voter turnout

Donald Trump, GOP presidential candidate, weighs in on the poll numbers and the huge increase in voters coming out to vote in the GOP contests.
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Donald Trump to CNBC: US losing good jobs

Donald Trump, GOP presidential candidate, discusses how global currency devaluation is impacting job growth in the U.S.
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Can Samsung finally beat Apple with the new Galaxy S7?

Will iPhone users drop Apple and make the switch to Samsung?
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