Iran ready to ship uranium stockpile to Russia
December 19, 2015

Iran will export most of its enriched uranium stockpile to Russia in the coming days as it rushes to implement a nuclear deal.
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Bid to rein in painkiller prescriptions stalls

A bold federal effort to curb prescribing of painkillers may be faltering amid stiff resistance.
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China complains to US over B-52 flight

China has complained to the US after a B-52 bomber flew in the airspace over an artificial island it has built in the South China Sea, the FT reports.
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Russia sees fight after Ukraine 'defaults' on bond

Ukraine and Russia appear all but certain to take their dispute over a $3 billion Eurobond to court.
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Friend talked terror plots on Facebook before attack
December 18, 2015

The man who bought the assault rifles used in the San Bernardino attack wondered when the multiple lives he was leading would come crashing down.
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Inside the new ways Goldman recruits millennials

For the last year or so, Goldman Sachs has been selling itself as a technology company.
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Brace for steel industry 'reckoning': Deutsche Bank

One metals and mining analyst is not just slashing earnings estimates and price targets, but also warning about the potential for bankruptcies.
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What do women in their 30s and 60s have in common?

While women’s earnings peak before age 45, men continue to earn more over time, widening the gender wage gap.
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This is why Goldman thinks oil is headed for $20

Goldman sees further weakness for oil on the worsening of already weak fundamentals after OPEC refused to cut production.
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US jobless claims fall from five-month high
December 17, 2015

The number of Americans filing for benefits fell from a five-month high, suggesting labor market healing that could lead to more Fed rate hikes.
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